Sunday, 10 April 2016

TVix CU3000 Error

I had an issue with my Tvix unit (CU3000) when I put a larger hard drive in it. Even though the manufacturer stated the unit could handle 400G drives, when I put the drive in the unit complained of a failure regarding it being unable to mount the drive and to check the cables etc. I can't recall the exact error messge (Typical User!)). A dialog box popped up with a message to that effect. I found that if I hit the setup button at the instant before the message came up I could bypass the error but that was a hit and miss situation. I also noticed a flickering when I finally got passed the error message. I figured there must have been something wrong with the unit but when I went to use the unit in the car, it worked perfectly. So I bought a replacement power supply (for the CU3000 unit I got a 12V 4amp supply) and that has totally fixed the problem. Please check your unit for the correct voltage.

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